Geeks for Good: Join #WiringSE this Saturday in YVR

A couple of weeks ago, Leah Nielsen (@LeahLink), Fairware’s Online Communications and Project Manager, alerted me to Wiring the Social Economy, an event aimed at “integrating community economic development, social enterprise and technology.” The event grew out of Vancouver ChangeCamp, an unconference held earlier this summer and where—incidentally—I first met Leah.

Why attend?
In the words of the organizers, this first-time event “is a day of discovery and connection…for getting out of our silos and comfort zones.”

It’s an all-mighty mixer where the social media and technology community meets the community of causes to sort out where and how we can work together to move social change forward.

Who should go?
Geeks of all shapes, sizes and causes. Really.

If you’re code is flawless, then there’s a social change agent in need of you. Crafting tweets that trigger actions? Share your best practices. Struggling to build awareness for your cause? Kindly turn to the techie on your right.

Basically, if you’re an expert or are in need of one, go to this event.

Organizers are also looking for volunteers to help out on the day of the event. Attend for free if you can help with event logistics, facilitation or note-taking.

What should I expect?
Wiring the Social Economy is a hybrid event that combines traditional conference features–such as Keynote Speakers Carol Madsen, Tim Beachy and Irwin Oostindie–with those of an unconference, including an opportunity to pitch your own session.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Registration starts at 8:45AM

W2 Storyeum
201-112 Hastings Street West, Vancouver

$20 CAD plus $1.49 fee
Prices for groups and students are also available or contribute what you can afford.
Buy tickets now


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