Listen & Speak Up: Open Discussion on Xenophobia at UBC

Tomorrow, my friend Zi-Ann Lum and the WAY TOO AZN committee are hosting an open dialogue to discuss how the media covers “Asian”/”White” anxieties for public consumption at UBC’s Vancouver campus.

The springboard for the discussion will be two recent, widely distributed articles: the infamous ‘Too Asian’? article published in MacLean’s magazine on Nov. 10, 2010, and Amy Chua’s Why Asian Mothers are Superior article from The Wall Street Journal published January 8, 2011. In addition, the dialogue will consider the local, culturally-fuelled debate over the location of St. John’s Hospice on campus.

All students, faculty, staff and members of the public are invited to this free event. I think it will be an excellent means of kickstarting a meaningful discussion on multiculturalism and the media. I remember the event in the fall which was organized in response to the MacLean’s article–the room was full and buzzing with energy. People really want to talk about these issues. Unfortunately, time proved short in the fall and we only got to hear from a couple of people from the audience. Tomorrow, the whole idea is to promote an honest, open dialogue.

Listen & speak up!

Event Details
Thursday, January 27, 2011
Noon to 2PM
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, Dodson Room

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