Examining Your Digital Footprint with Kimberly Voll

Last week, Veronica Heringer invited Rebecca Johnston and myself to attend the Canadian Women in Communications’ Fireside Expert Series on digital footprints by UBC’s faculty member Kimberly Voll. I was glad I did—the speaker was knowledgeable but personable, the room intimate and the conversation candid and engaging.

A transcript of my live tweets are included below if you’re interested in reading the highlights.

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One thought on “Examining Your Digital Footprint with Kimberly Voll

  1. Tracy, great post – love the use of Storify.

    Kim (a good friend of mine for many years) raised some interesting points. It is unreal, almost scary, how much data is now created on a daily basis – individuals need to be careful about what they post, and where. It’s also interesting to think that, years from now when we’re long gone, there will still be an extensive digital record of our lives for our predecessors to read.

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