Gauge Mobile Launches Scanvee to Manage Mobile Barcodes

Gauge Mobile from DreamLife Design Inc. on Vimeo.

Mobile Barcode Usage in Canada
During the fourth quarter of 2010, Canada showed a 442% growth rate in mobile barcode usage. Mobile barcodes are two-dimensional (2D) images that connect print information like a poster to interactive experiences on a mobile device, such as an online contest.

According to 3GVision, the global pioneer and leader in mobile barcode solutions, Canada claims top spot among growing mobile barcode markets.

With such explosive growth in mind, I jumped at the chance to attend Scanvee’s launch party on Monday, May 16, 2011. Scanvee is a new mobile management platform from Gauge Mobile.

Why use Scanvee?

  • Scanvee uses both QR Codes and Data Matrix barcodes—two open source formats that are considered industry standard. Most smartphones with a reader will be able to scan these formats unlike proprietary mobile barcodes like Microsoft Tags that can only be decoded by specific applications.
  • Strong, live-time analytics allows you to track each campaign’s performance, including the total number of scans, type of phone used, location and time of each scan. A representative of Newad, an agency specializing in advertising that targets the young and affluent, spoke at the event about how they had used Scanvee at the University of Calgary. Based on the analytics, Newad adjusted when their other promotions took place on campus, noting that students appeared to have more down time in the afternoon than in the morning when the agency had originally been setting up.
  • All barcodes are dynamic and can be updated to perform new tasks at any time. You don’t have to reprint pieces because the barcodes have expired, extending the shelf life of your creative.

Why skip Scanvee?

  • The analytics are available to users only for a 15-day trial. Premium users get access to unlimited analytics but these accounts run a steep $24.99 per month to start or $249.99 per year.

The model is sound—we’ve seen many successful freemium services like Flickr where the analytics are available only to paying customers.

But I haven’t even shelled out for Hootsuite yet and I love that program. Really—I talk about it all the time. I use it every single day for my personal, nonprofit and corporate accounts. And it’s only $5.99 per month.

Still, Scanvee is promising and I’ll be looking for a good opportunity to pilot their platform. Based on my 15-day analytics trial, I’ll determine if I can make the case for a premium account.

Have you used mobile barcodes in a campaign? Drop a comment to share your best practices.

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