Freelance Camp 2011: Storify

I attended this year’s Freelance Camp at The Network Hub’s new digs in New Westminster. The event is an unconference for freelancers. Like any unconference, the day’s agenda is shaped by those who attend rather than pre-programmed weeks in advance by a committee.

I’m not a consultant but have worked with many freelance writers and designers over the years. And I’m regularly asked by friends and colleagues why I haven’t thought about freelancing myself.

The truth is it’s scary. So, I attended Freelance Camp this year to check out the scene and see if I had what it takes to be a successful freelancer.

Here’s an archive of my favourite tips and ah-ha moments. Be warned–it’s a stream of tweets from multiple sessions. If it seems chaotic, try processing all of that information in real time!

One of the themes of the day was the need to be “selflessly grateful” as Raul Pacheco-Vega put it in his session on productivity. In that spirit, I’d like to thank The Network Hub and all of the folks who volunteered to make this event a success. Plus, all of the proceeds from ticket sales are going to charity!

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